Why Participate?

Participating in a virtual dairy fair offers several advantages that reflect the evolution of business dynamics in the digital era. These are some notable reasons to consider participating in these types of events.

Firstly, the virtual nature of this event offers an efficient platform for interaction and networking, eliminating geographical barriers and allowing the participation of key actors without the logistical limitations associated with traditional fairs. This global accessibility facilitates the expansion of networks of contacts, fostering meaningful collaborations that can transcend conventional borders.

Global Access

We eliminate geographical and language barriers with accessibility to the platform in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic). We significantly expand the potential audience and provide the opportunity to interact with professionals, suppliers, and clients with the widest diversity.

Cost Reduction

Logistics, travel expenses, and the number of collaborators who can enjoy the experience benefit from the virtual format of the event. We design the event so that the maximum number of companies can participate, and all can showcase their work with significantly reduced costs.

Efficient Connections

We incorporate advanced digital networking tools that facilitate connections among industry professionals. It also provides the opportunity to highlight your brand in a digital environment, where visibility and interaction serve your marketing objectives. On this platform, your commercial and communication proposal effectively reaches an exclusive and segmented audience.

Positive Impact

The carbon footprint of virtual events is extremely lower than physical events, as is that of attendees. Also, the impact on waste generation is zero. Supporting these types of events directly has impact on the sustainability within your company.


The virtual nature of Golden Cow allows participants to access all content at any time, accommodating different time zones and allowing greater flexibility for busy schedules.



To materialize an essential event for the advancement of the sector and cultivate joint growth, it is presented as both a useful and economically advantageous option in contrast to in-person fairs. Taking part as a sponsor or collaborator in this meeting implies a series of strategic benefits and business opportunities that deserve to be highlighted.

This exhibition opens the doors to a vast and diverse job market worldwide. Participating in this virtual event means immersing yourself in a global work ecosystem, where highly qualified professionals, experts and emerging talents converge to explore the latest trends, share knowledge and establish professional connections.

Ultimately, this strategic commitment not only translates into a showcase to highlight products and services, but also represents an occasion to participate in key industry conversations, stay up to date on the latest trends and actively contribute to the dialogue on the future of the market.

In conclusion, participating as a sponsor or collaborator in this virtual event is a crucial step to take advantage of development opportunities in the sector, foster valuable connections and strategically position the company in a dynamic and highly competitive scenario.


Do you want to participate?

Being a sponsor of Golden Cow is a strategic opportunity to boost the visibility of your brand, establish meaningful connections in the industry, and stay updated on the latest trends and technologies, all while optimizing resources and reducing costs associated with traditional events.


  • Large Booth (2 screens for video).
  • Free special catwalk banners.
  • Logo on the central screen of the event for all 3 days.
  • Presence of logo in the communication elements of the event.
  • 40-minute slot for a training session/conference on event topics (video available on Golden Cow's YouTube channel).
  • 5-minute video for company presentation within the event program.
  • Possibility of field trip with a 30-minute video.
  • 50 tickets.
  • 1 users with access to chat and video call to attend the booth.
  • The first 50 registrants agree to sponsor the event app.